22 July 2006

Who ever told you you could work with supermen, bitch...?

The idiot homo who single handedly destroyed superman as a myth, some queen named singer, is adamant that he be allowed to make the second, or is it seventh, sequel to the once great superman film. That as an idea is what is so wrong with America today, and what is the true rust which a strange political correctness is doing to once mighty American steeled towers. Just because you are a fag, dearie, doesn’t mean you are Michelangelo, or Virgil, or Caesar for that matter, in the same way that being, marginally Italian doesn’t make Gandolfini a great artist of a spokesman for his race. A soprano thug can plaster the name Dante all over his shit hole of a theater, now that his mask wearing is coming to a chiseling and penny pinching end, and that doesn’t make him Tasso. And just because you seem to think a fetish is something approaching godliness, it doesn’t mean you actually have any idea of what superman is or should be. Just BECAUSE you’re a fairy, dear, that doesn’t make you an artist worthy of superman, and please get twinkle toes over here away from superman before he manages to do what toy man and Braniac and mister Myxiplixic couldnt do...get him and his boring over acted but somehow subdued American beauty actors , his mousey haired Lois Lanes, his fake real newsrooms, as if the daily news or new york wasn’t good enough this time, get him and his faggot wet dream , a piece of balsa who should go back to days of our lives...get this fag away from superman, please...Any American fool who makes a point of saying that’s superman doesn’t fight for the American way is not only a an idiot but a liar...Is he fighting for Caliphe…Socialism, Marxism, would he…should he…? And remember dear, the costume is red yellow and blue, not a faggy derivation of Maroon, Mustard and azure...god damnit, when did we start becoming a nation of faggots who don’t understand fucking Myth...? Oh, you must be a public school homo…go back to x men and that patented Stan Lee horse shit, Sweetheart…leave the heavy lifting of superman to men, baby doll….

19 July 2006

An ad for candied goodness teesee rolls,...

Here is one of my favorite cartoons by me, as it reminds me of all which I adored about cartoons as a kid. When I was a child, it seemed that my pop hated all cartoons except when I read captain marvel, or Popeye. Sometimes, I bought these just because I knew he liked to read them, and he seemed ancient to me then, so, I did what I could to let him have some thing which he didnt seem to be dismayed at in my life. He saw, as an immigrant, the classic intonations of both those now almost forgotten works, and he despised the then kids afternnon time repeated lsd era show batman, seeing it as filled with rancid sugar like a visual count chocula.

But this four page work is a example of the art I adored as a kid, and I have used crayons again to replicate both the bright colors now gone in a drearier comic land, and to have a connection back to the sorts of drawings i would have done then. It is based on a post shazam ad campaign done by Beck, for tootsie rolls, and I have tried to reinvigorate the work with that exact feel of candy selling in the cold war age. As a teacher told me, the mixture of crayons and highlighters, I think, makes a gem like shine of color, which the scanners seem to never pick up, and too, I find that these scans never seem to replicate the darkness I have tried to put there.I noticed on the pervious picture that the black space where the word balloon fell off as I scanned it, in my hand looks like onyx black, yet, in a scan , I can see the paste marks left behind...

Captain Magnus is my Cartman, or better perhaps, Butters, as I have grown to adore this bulky demi god, vendetta keeper for the poor and the weak. It is one of my favorite cartoons I have ever completed, and there aint a titty anywhere in sight...except on him on page three...I see him as a contining of Marvel and his Amerixa--a word I got from out of date, hopelessly lost pinkos, which I have taken as my own now--, so missing now.


15 July 2006

06 July 2006

I miss the america of captain marvel, and cant really know why.


03 July 2006

I am going to attempt to make a mini comix book , or arc, as sarcastically and artfully as is possible. I have a good start as what I didnt steal from Virgil, I have stolen from italic and etruscan art. I am attempting here to make an american fummeti, without the polaroids. Also, a snide comic geek said he saw worse coming out of marvel, the almost verbatim of a vampire movie maker who said he thought my story baords were better than any of the crappolla in marvel, but, in for a penny...all I have here are staples products, bra...Although someone in major comic media told me that you can replicate expensive comics coloring systems by using , of all things, simple HIGHLIGHTERS, or even oil pastels and turpintine.

I am trying to recreate a roman godess like image, a Minerva here in this vaunted clash of burger joints and berkas, which preens like it is the punic war or worthy of Livy or Aryian. I want to make a heroine who is all boobs and yet is rather sweet and kind, not like any of the wonder women who have pixie faces, dds, and are lesbos if black haired, and just frigid if blond.I have had a gutful of hbo tarring every epoch of my history and my race, and laugh as you idiots seem to have a bushie plowing ahead imperially with no concept of satire , history or even the fact that there might be a flight of steps just ahead.

I dont mean to be self rightious, but give me a big enough of a rapidograph and I will move the world. I started as a lark, and was very cc beckian in my approch...but now, as I get uptowards 8oo seperate sketches of poses and images, I find msyelf wanting to be more Neal Adams than anything...but that could mean I am just getting old.