03 July 2006

I am going to attempt to make a mini comix book , or arc, as sarcastically and artfully as is possible. I have a good start as what I didnt steal from Virgil, I have stolen from italic and etruscan art. I am attempting here to make an american fummeti, without the polaroids. Also, a snide comic geek said he saw worse coming out of marvel, the almost verbatim of a vampire movie maker who said he thought my story baords were better than any of the crappolla in marvel, but, in for a penny...all I have here are staples products, bra...Although someone in major comic media told me that you can replicate expensive comics coloring systems by using , of all things, simple HIGHLIGHTERS, or even oil pastels and turpintine.

I am trying to recreate a roman godess like image, a Minerva here in this vaunted clash of burger joints and berkas, which preens like it is the punic war or worthy of Livy or Aryian. I want to make a heroine who is all boobs and yet is rather sweet and kind, not like any of the wonder women who have pixie faces, dds, and are lesbos if black haired, and just frigid if blond.I have had a gutful of hbo tarring every epoch of my history and my race, and laugh as you idiots seem to have a bushie plowing ahead imperially with no concept of satire , history or even the fact that there might be a flight of steps just ahead.

I dont mean to be self rightious, but give me a big enough of a rapidograph and I will move the world. I started as a lark, and was very cc beckian in my approch...but now, as I get uptowards 8oo seperate sketches of poses and images, I find msyelf wanting to be more Neal Adams than anything...but that could mean I am just getting old.


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