03 September 2006

here in pittsburgh, the sacriment of stillers football is about to start, again, and somehow, having ripped off a superbowl has made a lot of the yammering dimwits here almost more savage and bloodthirsty than before. This is the area, I shall not forget, in which people have been literally killed for not rah rahing enough, and two polloks actually beat a man to his demise with fists and toliet tops in a sandwhich shoppe here for asking that they shut up from screeching about a meaningless monday night football victory.

The worst of the stees demi gods is a bloated asshole named Ben, who like kordell before him, got a nickname from the local ass kissers before he threw a first 300 yard game. He wont give it rest, and always bitches and kvetches that pretty italo american ex weather girls have been placed upon his doorstep to watch the dear fine refugee from don martin, and then, when ever things start to quiet down, reminds us all of how much he bleeds, literally and figuritivly bleeds as a siant for the old black and gold...For gods sake, men are being burnt to death in an imperial war, enough of the bloody bandgaes of a gladiator who is coddled...


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