20 April 2007

The Tootsie Role.


Above is a picture of an Etruscan Jesus, no foolin, named Tages, or even Tasus, whose story had some real similarities to both Jesus and Mohamed, but dont wait for hbo, Scorsese or gandolfini to bring that up...he ddde dooo, time fer sum dancin fools sur...This is a picture I did right before someone told me to try to go back into comix as a good career move. It is actually a movie poster, a fake movie in a fake studio, but it was done with a now almost innocent mis-understanding of what comics had become lately, or what I would have to do just to make a mini comik , and was done before I thought a whit about xerography. I like it very much, but cant even approach its colorfulness now, as two years of grinding out things had left me and my palate less willing to play with images and italic light.

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