11 June 2007

Or Comedy Tonight!

It was so gratifying to me to see the mess which the heinous sopranos have left in their wake, it has renewed my faith in the idea of two faced roman gods who demand a certain level of piety and virtue which semitic gods never even speak of, which pretty much explains their less than noble, chiseling histories.

How wonderful was it that after ten years of these jew rat bastards[ again, I am told by some that jews officially hated the sopranos, as they felt a disquiet about that show from the beginning, and it was why when forced to make a decision bewteen its blaoted czar and a blond sleazy all-American lawyer, that lawyer actor always won], who ran that show as a compendium of every Italian and even other diminution of wops, that they eventually fell into a trap allied by their own lesser angels, and they have seemed to now eviscerated their own champion , as jews are want to do. As late as Friday, I was told, the big gollum was dead. But hurried phone calls from hbo's exacerbated clerks convinced the always at arms length recalcitrant Chase to keep his bloated brademenete tin suit burping alive. And being a good observant Jew, being prompted by money did show his devotion to his arts, and the dirt bag showed the Roman aphorism that you create that which you are, and the man who dwelt in stereotypes , at the end, was hisself a stereotype. All that bullshit about art, all that caterwauling about arc and story and shit, it was all easily and eagerly changed when an hbo clerk promised perhaps a series of television movies, now based on grandpa soprano himself. Wonderful, now the tar brush turns to an un understood, denouncer's, un known of or about, damned, and unspecific Italy. Watch it, fellas, thats how HBO lost its shirt on Rome, as no one wanted to hear it as fenses go up in less than Roman Palestine.

But, the Roman gods were at work, and unlike name changed once yid gods who seem enthralled with the collection plate and tithing of a more money like sacristies, demand piety again, and some sacrifice must be made. The rat who ran that show didn't get that, or how perfect his black arts were. The crowd in the stadium hated Tony Soprano, but then, why would this pollock know or underatnd any Roman theraters whiech were ponunded into me sicne fourth garde by happy go lucky faggot facsists...? They had been fueled and went with secret, sometimes open hatreds, and the Jew-pollock of all people didn't get that. Or did and cleverly thought he was absolved. He might have known this had that rat read some of the works of Machiavelli, or as he sneeringly called it, Machibelli, who was actually a better play write than even a political thinker.

Machiavelli was a writer of Fantasia, as my dad would call it, and he knew in a book I read called How to Write a Roman Farce, that in farce, there is more law at work than in drama. Comedy is hard, but satire is diamond , and The punchline predominates. Thats why to this day we call it slapsticks, which is the sound made by the fake stick used by actors in farce, not as hbo tried to make it that blood gushed on play stages. Blood was saved for those who the Roamers hated, just like last night, as Americium wanted to see that fat pig die. They wanted their pounds of Flesh, and unlike venetian barristers, the sight of blood didnt anyhow bother them. And, now, even Woody knows and believes comedy is hardest to write. The punchline was dropped, and the angry mob who wanted blood didnt think Davids thumb was imperial enough to care, or drop their collected anger. In minutes , according to Drudge, the hbo website and soprano.com went down and stayed down, as 3,ooo poeple did as Italians I have known and dropped their service , for opposite reasons.

They hated Tony all along and wanted him dead, as they hated the Italians he stood in for all along, and now as they hate and speak of the money grubbing david chase, and he must be struck by that. Despite blue eyes, they didn't like Tony, he wasn't an anti hero, he wasn't a robin hood, and they wanted him dead.AS MY FATHER WARNED ME, PEOPLE HATE THE MAFIA, THOUGH, EVEN THOUGH THEY BELABOR THE POINT OF BEING AMERICAN GESTAPO, and how they ethnically cleanse the streets for their white masters who can then feel good about their having to shop between the nigger and the cunt as shadow praetor, the whites do have to work for a living, after all. And they hate the silly, smarmy, lazy little bandillero wearing cunts from messina so. AND I LOVE IT. This angry vile show was based upon hate, for Sicilians, Italians, for Jews for others, for immigrants, for the them, the they, the those, the others, all along, and the stupid yid this time, didn't know what many Italians had known since farces were much better written than this. It was based on hate all along, despite the ramblings of fag boys in print who saw art, and now that hate had to go in some direction, and hbo is left in ashes, and many italians who have actually read things like machiavelli, think it is absolutely wonderful.

Life is a mediocre written farce, with a terrible third act.--Cicero.

The singing of the birds of st Francis and the shine of brother sun seems energetically bright and sweet today as a bloated cunt named Gandolfini angrily and ironically holds onto a tattered coat.


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Great work.

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