24 November 2007


In art school, I was actually advised to Go fast when I drew, as it seemed to stop me from ruining pictures by prepossessing and obsessing about them too much. I am thinking of again hurling out the crayons, as I am sure they play with my respiratory tracks , though I cant prove it. I am about to return to oil pastels, which I sue when I am in a van Gogh , Mussacchio frame of thinking, if not ruining.

I have found a wonderful show on E of all places, which previously I only watched for the Soup. And it was through the soup where I first heard of Keeping up with the Kardashians. It is wonderful, and joyously banal. I liked the ider of miss Princess, Lil Kim. being shown as a sexual and sensual and beautiful creatura , as especially we are all being over taken by white trash Britney and her dorito breath charms. I love this show for the same reason I adore Girls with slingshots, in that its suburban wonderfulness is nothing more than what it is, and there is not a false ironical or smarmy fag hag era bone in their bodies, real or imagined. I adore this show, and the brunette, and thus immeasurably more humane and decent and sweet , variation of the Paris Hilton theme, and in fact, her sultry does play like good Roman Farce, with sexual daughters and a scheming and calculating fish wife perpetually perplexing and avoiding Hubby Father idiot one time champeen Bruce Jenner...I not only like the Princess because she looks like a broad which I would Draw, but there is something so refreshingly mundane about this girl and her Borgia like family of the valley. Oh, finally a Roman show, but with Armenians in it. ANY ONE WHO HATES THIS GIRL IS A FAG OR A DYKE, AND WOULD EAGERLY VOTE Hillary IN 08, AS IF ALMOST BY SPITE. AS OF COURSE , OPPOSED TO HER OWN BEFUDDLED HUSBAND, WHO I AM CERTAIN TYVOS EVERY EPISODE AND SLOW MOS THROUGH THEM.

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