27 March 2008

This imperial farce is getting too good.

I thought that once the Sopranos folded their disagreeable little minstrel show tent that America would unravel in many ways , for it has had a bunch of dutiful little Pols and Yids and others, willing to use grandpas vowel laden name for fun and profit, though not as much as theyd have liked--, and too, obviously allow the whites of nascar nation to feel superior, not only to the island of cyclops, but to all no men who invaded it. I aint running for anything but Roman Auger , so, I can say whatever I wants. Like the Sopranos did, say. Once they left America without a steam vent, I figured wed get something like this mess. Yes, see, all that bullshit about watching what you say about niggers and fags and even the wetbacks gets under your skin when there isn't a commedia dell arte of wops dismembering women in wood chippers to ease the retention.