09 July 2008


Again, a mistake of drafts. Proving I am at a kind of wits end , and that I am tired, and want to sleep.

With my 42 birthday coming up, I went nuts and answered every ad which I could, and now have many plates spinning at once, like one of those cold war gumba circus idiots one would see in Ed Sullivan, who actually, I don't much recall. I got an email from someone who saw a few pages of 'Mister Stupendous' and liked it very much , with one caveat. The art. It is" too dark, too layered, too line Dependant, not opened up enough, too much black, too cold,...?...and too cartoony." Well, this charge has followed me all my life since I saw that dancing Etruscan man on that wall when I was fifteen. But, the ideas and the Satire was good, and to be honest, the thing could work as a stand alone arc, I was told, meaning, despite the sarcastic dialog it could work as an honest to god comic book. I have a knack at the speed at which these stories should go, as I keep it moving, I was complimented, even when the people are in the abandoned mine,--a roman temple ruin--and they make this guy human with the electric bolts. Ooooooy.

I have, lately, typed enough.


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