02 August 2008


I saw once that Maureen Dowd, the queen of middle brow white women with delusions of actual literary merit, that she went out of her way to sneer her constant nasal sneer at Ovid. Fine, what would one expect from such as she, as the broad is a white woman, therefore I was taught by over read gays, in many ways she is incapable of poetic thought. And too, I knew why she went out of her way to not only defame poor Appennine Ovid,--why, they cant even pretend he's British-- but even the admiration his sonnets attract now, which has grown since the days when Queen Victoria, her archetype, wanted them burned. Now, some scholars place him above Virgil, as in white trash America, in the days of Obama the good, in the empire of tokenism, two Romans can not be seen as good or even genius in this arc, at the same time, as that is too much for them to bear. After all, Maureen Dowd is the one who called the stairways to God social-climber , called him , uh, 'Paul of Tarsus' , which is par for the white chick course, but just in calling him that--no skin off my Roman nose, I despise him and his gay lover Timmie--she totally missed the point of his entire Roman adoring, look it up, life. All I know is that Saint Paul never compared being a Christian to being like a Jewish Soldier...

She had a distaste for Ovid because my man, my Bill, my Nigger, my cugine, fellow Jesuit student Bill, like the Fathers who taught him, loved Ovid, and it was Bill who put Ovid's --no, never Metamorphoses, but his Letters from heroines and his Roman Holidays, on Praetor Bills list of favorite books. This was another swipe at poor Roman addled Bill, in 2006 no less, as she couldn't, like a Victorian actor who finally hit in a part they would never stop playing, let that farce die a natural death. She, like her equal opposite, Leno, still use Monica and all she represented as a kind of missing Muse, and so, as the world fell into ash around them, and a bloated stuttering king was, to me, something finally we could laugh at, they still incessantly fight the last, no the three wars ago, wars. Like the pentagon does, say. So much for all that Clauzwitz shit.

I emailed the Times that day, and send a letter, a missive from the roman front where Poor Befuddled Bill still stands Sad and forlorn, to the misconceiving White woman--what else--who runs that papers op ed page. And right into the ground, I might add. I told her that the mixture of this cunt's dismissal of Ovid, their famous op ed among Italians, that they at the Sons of Italy should grow spines about their dislike the sopranos--grin and bear it, like you did with Hannibal after all, as it isn't like the Times is touchy and jewy about everything which might bother them or fake bullshit constituencies, god knows--, and their addition of Bill Crystal and David Brooks to their rags, was going to destroy them, 'in toto' as Tranquillius might have said.

After they beat the drums of war as well as any neo con, after these Jewish rats who packed Administration propaganda on the first page, as they were afraid that some Arab swine somewhere would not be massacred--it is a nightmare which haunts Lieberman , that there is a twelve year old Arab somewhere not pinned down, it haunts him, that someone else wont kill for his right to not live in ancient Phoenicia-- and after they helped send privates and corporals in an untenable war, an unconstitutional war and them had them go to jail for placing underwear on miscreant cunt rippers heads, now, they want to place the neocon-men who were architects of this debauchery as mouthpieces...? Now, after this mess they helped create, after demeaning Hicks, spics and niggers in your less than imperial army--no compliment from Big Tony--you want to put these fox news ass wipes in your rag, and make up interminable fake campaigns and shove madam Hillary down our throats and go to your dinner reparteeing and salons, and act like Jewish rabbis and Medici art consumers, after calling him Paul of Tarsus, no less. After your scummy paper helped get solders placed into hell thrown in jail for not having the decorum of Jewish liberals wine attending cocktail parties and who were going to opening of Mel brooks musicals, now, you wish to act the part of town caryer and have Billy and Davie and Lilly Von Shtupp of the op ed crowd, that awful hag do the yelling...? Ovid, the poet Augustus exiled for calling him a rapist, is not good enough for this cunt who destroyed women for our own rapist praetor and his conniving , overreaching, queen...?

You will pay, I said, almost warning like an old roman in the middle of the festive, too festive, parade. Roman gods will come and alight on the banks of the Hudson, and demons of bitumen wings will fly away, scared , as they always are of Roman gods, which is why, in seven years of jihad, these Arabs scum bags that you love so much have found not a moment or any extra dynamite to blow up any of Gian Lorenzo Bernini's granite saints there along the walls of Nero's old Vatican hill place. No one , in this war of civilizations has found time to blow up the Neapolitan underground, which as I type that phrase think that it would take more pastique than Osama of Assisi could even buy. You shall pay, I said. I was told my email was flagged, of course, proving their love of Lucas-Osama era chaos theory and bomb throwers isn't as robust as they make it, but then, what is...? I, dear, --women like these are so afraid their incompetence is something from which they cannot hide or race away, I will have nothing to do with it. ROMAN GODS TITHE IN BLOOD, I was told, as your Semitic gods counting pennies sent to priests in envelopes means nothing to them, sweetheart. I warned them that they are all jinxed by that thing most hated by THE CLASSICAL PRIESTS AND THEIR GODS MOST OF ALL, HYPOCRISY. There is nothing worse.

The other day, I woke up, and saw free accesses to msnbc, though even without the goddess who is slurring, sultry, CAMPBELL , ME LIKE BETTER THAN CNN [and too, there is a well eye brow sculptured yenta named Rachel Maddow ON THIS CHANNEL WHO IS ROWRRRRRRR....!]. As the stories went along, I heard that the New York Times company, in one year, lost 89 % of its stock worth. Somewhere in this happy land, there is happy spot, where Pinchy cries like an arm has been cut off. And somewhere, Solly of Damascus, and some Jesuit student demeaned by this rag, not for his rapes but his love of roman stoicisms, laughs.

I am a Roman Auger. Today, I am 43.

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