09 November 2008


On a comic blog I enjoy , but will not mention, I saw a bunch of Obambi cartoons gathered there together. Of course, just to make this spasm of American self love all more tritely insufferable, Lincoln was used as the Virgil figure here, and Lincoln did approximate Virgil in many ways, including gauntness, a later beard used by Roman intellectuals, which seems to predict the Quakers, and of course, tons of sodomy.

These cartoons bothered me...wait... ,when Bush was pictured as a knight, it was a pejorative,....all that about the crusades and all. But now,SUDDENLY , Praetor Barry the Very White is a shining knight. I will admit its is all dutifully less Tasso, OR god knows, Ariosto, ...who...?, and more Walt Disney, and such is just making me me all the more Cautious. Might I suggest he is another Bradamente, perhaps...? Well, in answer to this and sent off, is a cartoon series about my beloved, now cast aside, Bill. I did see the previously mentioned bug eyed house jewish rat miss Long Island contestant was blathering about how his new operator Praetor is so honest and so right, even more so than the old Boss of his, Bill Clinton. Gee, Jon -Jon as a moral arbiter, you mean, from now on Bill has to destroy his own girlfriends, Pontius...? Sejanus, thoust hast conquered, Umbrian. I found that moment Alan spoke of with me, Machiavelli's frozen moment of realization, when I was watching the daily show, only cause I was waiting for my girlfriend and my beloved, Rachel Maddow, who I thought was coming on, and the thing was heavy with its own self love, especially dismissing those dimwit hated country mice, who didn't like gay marriage as did he, once he had first heard of it in, like, 2005. Still, Once he got the memo, he was a true believer. But the whole thing's inherent bullshit was made revealed to me when after this segment of crap, the longest commercial in the first station break was for A and E and their daily repeats of ...the Sopranos. Think Imperial Bernie even gave a second thought to that...?

But, Hey, I didn't spent the seventies in a Madrases, learning to hate jews, whites, the west, fags, women, ect ect, and wasn't seated there soaking up the Koran, only to find a nigger imam in this country, who like the niggers and the Arabs, and the jews, frankly, start history , unlike Italy, right from when they started to lose, thus never having to bring up nor speak of any Canaannites, nor Hannibal nor Cyrus that much. I was , while Barry and his womanish lovers like Momma Goose were sucking at their mama teets, I WAS BEING TAUGHT BY HOMOSEXUALS TO REVERE OVID, you cunts, and was taught the cult of unpersuasive, impetuous Minerva, just as the old Artful Dodger, my man Bill, was to his core.I was also taught along the way, that plot is character, and vice versa, but then, that just me, I am, like, compelling, and not everyone could try this at home.

There has been all too much in this worst election of my life about witch doctors and Africans dancing with olive branches and palms with pictures of a smiling Desi in their hands, like Robert Mugabe just became president. Enough of that. I purposefully recall the man who wore Monica's tie like Daphne's weeds, and who amid everything coming down around his head said he was a boy student perpetually of the Jesuit saint, Marcus Aurelius. The Beatification continues, as daily shown giggling rat bitch twerp house yids have found their latest hero, you know the smartest man ever to be president...as opposed to Bill, wow. And , Fuck you, Jefferson, too. I cant do the same, I cant throw rose pedals at this Erkel, You know, the Aquinian who thinks there are 57 states. No, I find I can not ever toss Bill away just like that, as such has never been in my Roman hopeful, thus un-semetic at least, Core.

Well, even the insufferable Bizzarro Gore, Christoper ''Chrissy fit'' Hitchens is starting to become alarmed at this all, as Ovid said, we all have the best President Money could buy, now....I find I do hope that Machiavelli's woman goddess of dice and luck and getting even has found another Imperial jerk who seems, each day, to deserve more and more her smiling, bitchy, notice.

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