25 May 2009

1. With Boston Legal on another cable channel, I forwent watching My gal, Rachel , though the last few days I have tired of most political crap, finding that even the smell of the rancid buffet, especially with Bob Ucher Olberman really shmaltzing it up, is making me wince. I must say that especially Ms. Nbc is taking a whole ugly aspect of Fearless leeder sending Boris and Natasha going after Muss and Squirrel thing which is upsetting.

A few moments I clicked in though, I saw our Rachel, the Penelope Pitstop of political speech, being lectured to by the grand auntie Mame herself of the senate, yenta emeritus, Bahhhhbra Boxah. Livia is hehhhhh. My mother once told me no one in Italy named Barbara was any good until Sister Barbara, who I had in second grade, who she liked. Sister Barbara told me in 1973, as a little boy, when I was in school and yet was sopken to as if an adult, lucky I was just spoken to that way , that abortion was the ultimate sin, not to any church, but to a humanist as was she, and that amerika would pay for it. Ten years later the fags were having to wear condoms in a parody of nature, but then, sister Barbara like my Pa, loved MANZONI, who now even the wop rags avoid with a passion. SHE THOUGHT THAT WAS INTERESTING, as Abortion she knew, was simply what white men wanted, and used it as a birth control device much easier and diabolical than wearing a sheep's intestine as the Romers did, eventually beating back the Greek use of Syphilis as their greatest weapon, as was used against the Arabs, by Blondie Alexanderkins, by teh by. Also, she found it interesting how the left came up with a right to an abortion just after their smarmy infliction of busing and national brotherhood week tolerance and brotherhood and assimilation , on, of course, schools where they and their Jewish relatives didnt send their chullren , God knows, but where their brother in laws taught psy ed. But, Mother, though, She hated the name Barbara... its so Beth.

I thought of that watching this yenta queen, …HJeeechhhhhh , plaaacccch, ''Morty, get my bahg,....'' to which the bald martyr, her poor husband, says under his breath , Yew are a bahg, ect ect...Oh, this Shrew was dutiful in showing the supreme self smug righteousness of her type of liberal bullshitter, in so far as to complete a head fake which I have learned of as a roman trick of oratory back in Jesuit days, and which I am, sure she is a Roy Hobbs at completing. Like our other lovable Jewish yentas, --really as Augustus could attest with Herod and Agrippa when this many Jews are in positions of power, the empires days are by nature numbered, as they number everything, like Arabs--like say, Rabbi Fwank, she kept her head at a slight upturn, constantly looking down at Rachael. This is a variation of nose in the air and was perfected by Cicero. Her yenta mother superior equal, Feinstein, though, oh no such cleverness for her, she is a coming right at you sort, a scalper who keeps her face at three quarters with the left eye, the evil eye, the eye of power and action, right at your head, never breaking containment as it were. I cant watch this I thought, and quickly left that station and its rather klannish like hiring policies as everything there seems , like the California supreme court, to be exceedingly white. The circus of affirmative action continues with a la raza straga being appointed to the praetorian court, to a strange delight of Bill O'reilly, always a danger sign. Which shows in this Obamanation, that one can be both a race baiting lawyer hack, and still let Paul Tagliabubu having write her fractured fairy tales opinions for her, and in fact, truth be known, it sometimes helps.

2. Oh how the priests would have laughed at the last few days I have seen here. The vaunted liberalities of the supreme court in Cally --no doubt about it, California, no doubt about it...well, amusingly it sided with the slobs and the peons, surprising it was to everyone by anyone who was not made to read ''The parallel lives'' in seventh grade by a a fag in praetorian black. The court sided against gay marriage, which angers the faggots, but which would have made the old fags who unlike plagiarist, Monica decrying, then dutifully Hillary decrying noble Maureen, who loved Ovid and his incessant stories of women becoming weeds amid the Mediterranean mists, laugh. Oh, Lawdie, Would they laugh and laugh. Every elitists group has an elitists group within it, folks, and the secret histories, the internals as they are called, show, that the biggest detractors of gay marriage aren’t the gun nuts, Jesus freaks, etc., or the white red necks or anything but , yes, White women. And since the democrats haven’t had a gender gap since Monica, cause and effect, they weren’t going to bother the now ascendant, so to speak, group who now has whips with which they flagellate this administration to the point that Olympia Snow, another yenta , in exchange for a vote for a stimulus, which no one sees being spent yet, demanding a woman on the supreme court. And them , the dutiful mommie boy house niggered quick shuffling of dee feet oh de caesura who is in dere, at least fer now, as it don’t matter how many mommies he corrals, there is one mother hawk who is flying about just out of ear shot, who will stomp her mannish claw and make suddenly, legions of unmarried women appear out of thin air. So, in our new Judea, the judges spit the difference, hoping to ameliorate the now party of mahhhhmmmmies and too, keep rich faggots sending money into the now broke party. Too Niccolo...?

3. In my emails, I saw a letter from an Arab of all things, sending me an email, which seemed to have a snarky, smarmy, tag line. Delete. Sorry, Arafat, but a virus is the least I put past you motherfuckers cannon fodder of God, or a bearded billionaire or who ever is closest. As I have said before, leave to a Semite like Osama to think one can be a saint and a billionaire at the same time. He, the jewie little prick, would kill a billion men before giving back the correct change, I am sure. Even the Italian, Boroni knew that one must give up the coin, based on the roman word for Corn, before kissing lepers. I am suffering with a respiratory infection, which will not go away; the last thing I care about is doing battle with some asshole who thinks he is on some jihad between showing up at the Champaign rooms of Scores. F off, Nassar. In fact, go blow up something in Rome, as that city, amusingly, seems immune so far to your decade long jihad, as the heated Arabs how up, enter screaming, as usual, on no less a place than Athens, but then screaming sanctimony deals in pretty much the same Machiavellian riles and warnings as its Semitic street yelling counterpart, and to be honest, I have had enough this decade of seamiest Semites. I have my own bronze aged ideals, and if you need to know what they are, Fareed, despite the crap about a juedo Christian nation, you can tell what my bronze era stuff is by the fact of all ethos of remade roman temples and roman titles that the white men festooned on themselves, realising again, racism is one thing, but no one did egotist as well at the men of the Tiber mud. .From Bernie to Blind sheiks, to the Pollock casts of the sopranos and their smiling Jewish and wop extras playing their roles on satellite radio all day long, from Joey radio Pinto and his buffoons of woppish glee, I have had enough of untermench charm, whether as senators or foot soldiers, and say again, isn’t it funny Roman and Tuscany battle it out only on soccer fields and no one is blowing up st Peters, least of all the adherents of a church where dynamite seems a sacrament, as opposed to slack jawed Christers who fear the speed of light. No I was dutifully taught by a church of paters, so powerful are these old wop faggots, so in love with classicism are they , so devoted to old big gay Maro, that they even tell Opie and his gospel according to Brown to go pound his salt --instructing where that comes from, somewhere else.

I don’t use such tricks as Osama’s half open Jesus- Mithris hand, Obama's Augustine outstretched salute, yentas hair flips, or Finesteins three quarter growl and Joe McCarthy like pushed eyeball. Instead I have usually more so lately tried to be Manzonianly honesty and clear, almost purposefully so, like it was a vendetta, as I think to be Jewish enough to apologize to the ghosts of dead pols who dropped atomic bombs, well, that is too clever even for me. And, Copolla’s Jews liked to call me Clever despite my Roman stances. Well, the wicked shall call you clever, and don’t think that lefts over biblical shit in my head wasn’t hurled at zoetrope forthwith to a stunned and in-playfulness silence. But, have I found the bits and pieces ironically and fittingly of a book about a vestal Virgin and her affair with a senator based on Catiline. Still, I don’t have it in me to finish it now, and wish to end MS, at least by August 1.

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22 May 2009


There were three books which I seemed to have used as holy scriptures for most of my youth. After a few years of the seizure and tv and ho ho heavy eighties, I found they began to even unravel, and unthread, look like the Sybilline books they mirrored, as they were times roman, cotton paged, oracles I consulted with more devotion than any mere lesbian has to some hand book of Wicca bullshit that the over fed Bufffannas of our graceless age pretend to believe in, with often the same results as calling themselves democrats.

One was ‘’The history of Italian literature'’ by Paulo Milano, a thick papered stout paperback, which had pages devoted to every important Italian writer between the fall of Rome and when the allies tried to make Milan more like Cleveland. Second was a book of Mythology which the Roman parts were all I read and what I kept reading and referencing, and viewing over and over. And third was a ‘’roman reader‘’, filled with Apocrypha, which is what over educated English twits call true stories, or even wives tale history, often truer than American bullshit, but which they do not want for some reason to accede to or acknowledge, or are embarrassed by. Sadly, no, all three are Gone, and I can find them again no where.

In our more golden age, as opposed to the ethics, and such is what they are , of even they have to admit strangely ''patriotic'' Machiavelli, have been replaced by burning housewives of empire, like Diane 'the yenta' Feinstein, wife to a war profiteer, who , as they are so apt to do, spoke out against the recent bill, and then proceeded to vote for it. I wonder what Virgil could do with Obalmmla or John Kerry as sad stoic hero...could even he pull it off, not that hed be admired for it.…? Would even his farm being foreclosed by Augustus make him make such his gray hero even…? It bothers me, student of old gay men, to see this newfound , of course, posthumous, humanity bestowed upon the faggots, who you white trash wanted to segregate to germ infested, colordes only, water fountains back when I was eighteen, and you feared the faggots as receptacles of deadly cum, as you did, I don’t care how much false humanity you festoon all over your over fed stomachs.

This was also the sort of sotto voce racist ideal seen later in the throw away lines of Scruffy Fineman, msnbc Cassandra, who called Michael Steele….heh, uhmnnn ,''lazy''…okayyyy, oak is nice…. sure that in the age of he and Joy Baher, clown praetorians all , thinking they are as noble as Rosa Parks, and so All that they say is decent and wonderful and can not ever be ,well, a shown ideal of what they silently believe, while of course everyone else must have their verbal passports stamped by lesbian think police. Of course, Sanctimony, hated by Italians and seen as a eucarist by barbarous tyeps, ''has been the bumbled, fractured, ill at ease, brayed prayers of the decedent and the sinister, putting on a false face''. It sounds like Machiavelli, but I believe is Aqinuas...oh, that race again. But, better than just that, better than jewish Howard showing his comtempt for a child of Ham, was that later that same day, that same day, Our President, Vanilla Ice, backed away from almost everything, and decided to return to military tribunals, which had that even been sent out as an inkling of what he planned, Hillary might have had a chance , but sinisterly instead played a Chaney card, in revealing a capture of Erkle in full regalia madarssa dress, while now that Chaney god bless the doge, as he gains in popularity as cnn hedges its bets, and all start to become wary and weary of a president who flips like a coin, as the senate seems less than willing to carry water for a man unwilling to fight or support anything beyond himself. The very next day, the senate 90 - 6 probably not up for re-election any time soon, slapped down boy king, showing how much fun a coward leading a army of cowards can unromantically be. “ Don’t be seen as a chancre…” Who said that, I wonder…?

I was watching Rachel ''I’m Forever your Girl'' Maddow, as I have often found myself, and she started to do a funny story about how the senators are frightened by ‘’Oh Fortuna’’ the Carl Orff roman fanfare, which I was sure Clinton had DEVOTEDLY been singing in the shower , like the creepy guy on around the net on g4. Bill probably has that song as a ringtone, and I believe he has bought the cable rights. But, on her show, the only thing on news channels I can stomach, she is starting to say ''the president SAYS he believes in transparency, closure of gitmo, gay marriage , ect,...'' This made me smile. I think Rachel is Jewish, so her forays into Machiavellian clear eyed realism can not be totally seen as un-genetic, especially to the white hands of encyclopaedia vandals, what with her race eventually becoming a stand in for my race in oxford textbooks, which some are positively Goebbels like , just as the new York times once was. Still, that slip , or at least that word, ‘’says‘’, made me smile the day I read a wicapedia diatribe against an Italian lawyer who dared write his ‘’history of Italia’’ as cold and rational, in world where white devils were transporting niggers as planks of wood or drowning women as witches, but I am sure that they, like Christopher Hitchens, that exemplar of all that white self love, sees the Italians, or ‘’That Race‘’, as they were explained, as the electric billshit encyclopaedia puts it, that race of agronomists and engineers as it has always been, as little more than affable clever, conniving, doofuses, slightly more humane and human acceptable Jews, as singing, faggot Rent like aria singers, a nation of Garibaldi’s as epilated Marcus Garvys, with swords and purple ashes, life affirming singing waitresses, bit titted barefoot queens, who farcically carry baskets on their heads, as taught by washer women of Hannibal’s armadas. Like Virgil, how dare an Italian be cold even, much less rational, some could could say, Pitiless, as that could be the first step to the James Baldwin realization most white devils fear so, in that, ‘’If I am not who you say I am, then you isn’t who you think you are‘’. They wish , as they do for more acceptable and slavish and slave like and needy and less clever and less available to survival, less capable, and thus hidden in their hatred blacks and Jews, to make the smiling sport still seen in various Simpson cartoons to the distaste of no one. As Gaga turned on his basic tenant of his own power amassing, that he was decent and anti war, until of course, ‘’I said military tribunals from the beginning, If you heard Pacifist, well, that’s your tough luck.….oh ho…scooze me whilst I whip dis out….‘’ Jezuz, this has been tried before, boy king…and seeing the pretty Rachel finally start to get it, and a sneer gleaming in her lovely Nero’s girlfriend like eyes, well, It made me smile to know there was a reason that the Jesuits and the nuns, like the Germans later, and like Shakespeare, all adored Machiavelli, as after a while, you almost want the drunk to fall down the steps, anyway. Also, is it by accident , that the word Fortuna has soundly, days after Omabalalamas striking out of the word Christ in latin, taken such a naturalistic toll in the coming , perhaps still unseen by the sputtering fags of dnc tv, destruction of a democratic party which might not , to Niccolo’s delight, not be able to have it both ways for the next four years....?

This morning it is coming out that a paraded fool, a supposed veteran anti Bushier, another anti-war type, depressed and defrauded and applauded by fat smiling women wintered solider, turns out not only to not have been in Iraq, but wasn’t even a soldier at all, and in fact was a escaped mental patient, who was summarily allowed to be on the same stages as democrats running for praetor and governor in the Colorado primary!!! As I said, there is a reason that the books of Niccolo and others of ''that race'' were holy scriptures to old gay men dripping in crucifixes and Latin. O FORTUNA, really now ….my, aren’t we noble in this yellowing age…No, not O fortuna, and not even Aeneas, as Juvenal would have known,...I was right all along, ...more Plautus, more nuance, more comedy tonight.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

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