26 October 2009



I am having trouble with my on again off again girlfriend, Marlo. Marlo Pawtosnek. If Jewish girls didn’t give the best head outsides of Neapolitan chicks, Id have kicked her to the curb years ago. But I am so lonely….

You know who is cute...? The blond girl who plays Paris Geller, the hyper competitive bitchy girl on Goldwyn Girls. I think she is disruptively cute. I had always loved girls like her, in that Rachel mold. Personally, despite being called an anti Semite, I have always had a fondness for Jewish chicks, as shtupping them makes me feel like a Nazi. I saw where she, Lisa Wiel, I think her name is, was supposed to be the original Rory, but alas, the Jews who clerk the media, --soon the memo will go out to make Chaney full of gravitas again, if it hasn't already--saw her as ''too Jewish'' to play a brunette’s daughter. Instead we get the perpetual waif with the bony face. Shades of my man Herby Edelman, who was ''too Jewish'' to play Murray the cop for the heinous Glenngarry Glenmarshall, who can never ‘’be too’’ Jewish, being an Italian. Herbie was too Jewish to play the role he crafted from a play and a film by Neil Simon, --hoo boy!--and too Jewish to play Maude’s husband. These were roles taken instead by Al Marinaro, being never too Jewish as an Italian...wellll...and Bill Macy, a total nebbish. Know thy places, everyone...

2. I was looking to post some pictures with the previous excerpt of AR, before settling on ''veronica'' instead, was the Song Of Kemeter, which I felt I needed to post as I was told it was far too whatever I was too much of, as for a Romantic book, though I thought it was the fulcrum of the book. I was looking for a picture of the great English actor from gods and monsters, and Richard the 3rd, the great baritone, perfectly capable as a roman, actor, Ian McKellen. I have loved this guy before any of you, though I keep thinking he was Sejanus, when he was not, and that was instead Patrick Stewart, which was another great job.

He was seen by me as old poet of Tuscany, Tyberius Erba, friend of Pontiff Macrobius, as despite he is English, like Peter Falk being Jewish, I wouldn’t be as insulted should he play an Italian. But in looking, I went to Ebert's site, which I do avoid, and read the essay on the adaptation filmed version of Richard the third. What is never mentioned about their beloved spirit guide Willie, is that the real Richard the third was trashed to make a piece of total Royal propaganda, though unlike the Aeneid, though trashed for such a sin, is never called that, in that Willie trashed that king who was nothing like this, did none of this, for his patrons, showing what a fine gentlemen that severe poet turned out to be. Also, the Machivelli--I am issuing every spelling I have seen of his name in a strange honor to the man the heinous sopranos called Matchibelli, showing they are such good puppets they are willing to nit wit on command, and be idiots even in their fathers tongue—anyhow, the Machiavelli adoring Shakespeare, lover of Rome as one could be once, wished to write a tragedy of Pompey, the man not the city, though on Hitler channel, both can be summarily trashed.

Vea, But, zounds and alas, always at least in life holding a bag of precious, precious, money, as opposed to a later grafted on pen, his patrons, --roman for,... well, patrons,-- again found that hero as much too Republican for their tastes, sort of like later niggers, and he let it slide all into the disjointed play called Julius Caesar. That all explains why Caesar isn’t a real presence in his own play, why it seems to be 2 plays, and the first scene was the ultimate scene in Pompey, who, like Plutarch, Willie the ultimate Queen of England, tried to make his best work. Another play the great humanist fag hero writer couldn’t bring off was ‘’Paulo and Francesca’’ , another pair of doomed Italian lovers, which, as an Italian at least somewhat worth his salt, I thank the graces, the furies, Fortuna, or whoever stopped him from rewiring Dante, in whom Paulo and Francesca are entombed forever thankfully and haven’t become the dramatis personae for over actors everywhere, thank God. The best of both Plutarch and especially Dante seem left alone, thankfully, as he seemed able and available and stone heartedly able to do to everyone Dante adored, like Virgil…the greater author ever called ‘’Arms and the man’’ the greatest English sentence , though it has no verb, but what does that matter..? He’s like an earlier Obama,…and some he hated, like Ovid.

In this essay, the queen of Middlebrows, Sur Eberto, --actually the name of a priggish thug, false intellectual slob count in Manzoni or some such Italian thing, no fooling, like how Fonda was the name of a radically minded half prince, who was railing against the Borgia, -quotes his own anti-Virgil, the spirits guide to all house ethnics, a evil little toad named Doctor Bloom. I call him that as it makes him sound like the supervillians of pulps, who are always amusingly recognized with being Jews. Everyone thinks that say Ebenezer Scrooge or Lex Luther is Jewish, the fact I kidded with in making my own doctor Eaton out and Jewish, however, of course, reformed. In this essay, Ebert the Obtuse, he quoted Bloom, or is it Bialystok…?. in saying somehow that Shlockspere, as he was actually called by a priest I had, as it were, in seventh grade, the unsunny eyed mistress--ha! --keeper Willie, dispensed with and hated by the followers of Francisco Borroni, was somehow, some ways, the inventor of drama, a roman word, …but more than that of Humanity in the arts. What a horrible thing to say , even for a house Hebe like Bloom, or Bialystok, who , like them all, is always afraid of being girded in pens again and thrown into ovens, and therefore are unlike their Cousins Romans , as when Flaminius said to Hannibal that genocide on Hannibal’s parts was the only way that that crazy nigger could win. 'As long as one Roman breathes...'' Flaminius said to the war god, 'Victoria is not yours and so, ...you must crush every Roman spirit, akin to the attempted destruction of a hive of bees.'' God, I love that Book.

3. But something that has me kind of sad is that, here in Pittsburgh, a running back of some distinction, called Willie Parker has lost his job to a numnutz nothing called Resheed--already this is a disaster--Mendenhall. Never trust a black football player who sounds like he has the name of a seventeenth century writer of chamber music. WILLIE PARKER CARRIED THIS TEAM, WHILE GENTILE BEN, AND AGAIN I AM NO STELLERS FAN, WAS HURLING BADLY THROWN PICK SIX INTS FOR TOUCHDOWNS ....YOU KNOW , SEPTEMBER OF THIS YEAR. But Willie has been cast aside, as all players are but wooers in Stealers nation, for a nothing who was deemed ‘’too stupid’’ to play the position by the house nigger, red lining, block buster , token negro coach , who in showing Obamaism is catching, took a job where he was told what defense he could ran, and not the Tampa 2 which was his onliest résumé, he was a coordinator One Season, was the newest African Sphinx. --‘’Poifict!, we can get him Cheap!’’…, the Ambassador could be heard rejoicing, and was made coach, as soon as he accepted less money than the man Cardinal O’Roony had already signed , a Hog named Russ Grimm. But Rothlisboiger, the poor man’s Tony Romo,-- egads!—had a vendetta because Tough guy Grimm, so in-stiller like, thought Bennie was a Pussy for always hurling that shit about broken bones and having leprosy and playing through Gingivitis or was it that he was coming down with black death, every other Fucking game, which indeed, has abated a bit as more fans can’t stand Madden ‘s boychick. But, I DO WONDER IF smiling and or perpetually angry niggers, house as house can be, like Blackistone and Steven A, I wonder if they even consider poor Willie, but then, do they ever consider anything they haven’t been told to, like say women and or democrats...all I know is that Willie singlehandedly, with the refs, wins a tarnished superbowl, while Rolishboiger couldn’t break the Chuck Yeager like barrier of double digits completions in a game. For one reason, that says it all...we are all Herbie Edelman’s or Paris Gellers in this world, easily when Jewish Cope, lecturer of Pollock trash who made Kordell a non person, and who equates gay sex, of course, with more a sin than Rape, is recalled instead for Fat Jack Madden , the cocksucker, Jug head Benz, closet Boy, and of course, who can forget Zorba the Greek. Outside of Pittsburgh that all my mean nothing,…but we are all Herbies in this world, aren’t we all...? But then, we are closer to Saturnalia aren’t we…?

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