09 February 2012


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

i. When I was a boy, I saw the great and dignified Ben Gazzara host the Life of Leonardo on PBS before it became all fags and be bop, as my pop used Leonardo as an antibody to the virus of Coppolla and his ilk, which would only get worser and worser. Marty as a name doesn't mean what it used to. And I thought, who would do that now, speak of the magical name Leonardo, as the Italian Portier enters the music of the spheres..., Di Nero...Pecshi...Shnooki...? I think partly they are paid to never mention such names. 

ii.With more than an echo of the incompetence of Mitt Romney, the Giants have been so insufferable and verbose, specially lovable on a team which was 8 and 8 going into a last game with the insufferably good enough to not lose his job but everything else Tony Romo, still, they have been so insufferable that the Patriots, like Newt, have become something amazingly close to sympathetic favorites.

iii. I wasn't going to say nothing, but this new found strange hatred of Our Newt among the Republican praetorians leaves me queasy. I think to me it is akin to how Favre was treated by the usually as the republican are, hatefully dense Green bay packers creeps. Favre, like Newt, took the daily slings and arrows--as that very phrase can be found In Virgil amid the unnoticed sonnets of Italian Camilla, Books vi-xii, though again, its all about the translation, you know, Favre was cast aside, like a piece of fruit. As the great Arthur Miller once said, in a better time than this. And like Newt, and Bill, our Mercury theater Boys, he occasionally let his dick hang out in public and it was all quite too messy for a fan base who loves itself insufferably. And his high wire act was quite compelling and very humanizing, as of course, the closet weirdos, as they have since Altman's MASH, love shushing slight of hand lest you find out about what's going on in their closet's, God only knows. So If you think that nominating everyone's cousin Rick Sanctorum is a way out of the Ronco morass, well, lets just say again those fags made me read the Satyricon in 1974, sparing later GE niggers and gals the heavy lifting.

iv.And Newt was cast aside for our now legion of Frank Burns and his cadre of dog women, but funny, if Newt hadn't been Cattiline in his ethics, why, the Mittcompoop might have gotten away with stealing, or at least renting, a nomination, and leaving  you with a tax dump in mid May, the Roman Month of the goddess of the earth, by the way, as far too late to do anything about it. Ah, ther's the Rub , as Virgil said, really he is a treasure trove for Willie, sorry Charlie,  the rub and why professional losers like Curly on msnbc, where he do plays the role of the interpreter amid the giggling lesbians, capitoline pencil sharpeners and niggers fo hire, that's why he was so upset, as the con, as it has been since Sallust was exposed. They had to have a plutocrat, --ROMAN WORD ALERT, KIDS!, in that nothing else could have made Obama the whirling dervish, actually look like a man of the people. After all, despite or because of GE theaters largess, he was the man who signed off on the Bush Tax cuts as he seems to do each Saturnalia. They just had to have a plutocrat play Snidely this time, as again, the difference between Epic and Farce is the length and too, the stress one takes on the punch line, as Augustus said of Plautus when he ordered his mammoth Livy like history of Rome be burned in whole and replaced with the work of the Jewish Paduan, well, Plautus, he said, wasn't funny enough to pull it off.

v.And now, having shown the con to Cattiline like effectuality, this comedy is almost Peckenpah--a comic genius and no I'm not kidding,-- Doggedly in how relentless it is, Newt as baddest Ernest Borgnine, which, I saw through first, and still I warn, I have read enough Roman satire, much more fun and literate than that shit that house hold Jews give us between the giggling, to know, --again maybe this was more akin to the epics I have read, Romney might have raised his hands to be the imperial stooge, sho nuff, but still, he yearns for power in a way previously only seen in the back pages of Tacitus, and the Assad Family, as he wetly seethes for inamorata Fortuna to make him queen, and he is rather open and above board, too much, of how desperate this man wishes to be Praetor.

vi.He wants place and power Ronco does, in that way of the truly Vacuous, really he makes Obama look like Cincinnatus, alright, with Colter as junkyard bitch, To the point it is almost vulgarly, so much more so than any Bill Clinton - Newt Gingrich-Brett Favre  love of sexting brunettes he has seen smoldering on the sidelines. This is always an anathema  to the Jews and white trash for whom they clerk, so close they have become,as they are still looking for that perfect blond, not like Yenta Mom, yet not Aryan enough they recall sad stories of polish ghettos, nor too blond they would have nothing to do with the deviated septum crowd.

vii.So, the littlest Foxes and their almost perfect Judea mistresses, blond but dishwater and tepidly so, see above, try like the dickens to fit that squarest Peg, Romney, into that Roman Hole, though , to quote Moms Maybly, Lord, Boyee, he Is so incompetent that it hurts my feelings. And what can you do with Pauline, as he sweats about, Police Comix spit curl falling in his eyes, when he in mid shvitz says with by rote charm that he is not swooned by the rich, his fear and so stupidly says he is not concerned by the poor, and then half way through his diatribe, like a bad actor doing Shakespeare, and yes it can be ruined, especially by the author himself who did make sure all Ariosto italic italics be whittled off so his barbarians troop could actually say this crap, Ronco in mid rehearsal and soliloquies,  threw up a bit into his mouth, realizing what he had said. A moment of lie truth, a moment of brown poison Oak, as the bouffant-ilicious  Soledad looked on in a horror that somehow this incompetent had made it so and this far, just underpinning the secret histories she already has spinning in her pan Asian, ie, brunette head to begin with.

viii.Well, I hope Newt has enough of this farce, though to be fair, the same people are telling him to get out, are those who always do, the men on the steps, like Stuffingenvelopes told Bill after Monica to leave with honor, and thus get out, not least of all Al Gore, our new Statius' Nephew, who could have used the running start. Although when you listen to Donna Brazille, aren't you doomed, anyway...? I mean, I didn't have peace and prosperity and cut to a dead heat. Ah, but I recall this well, and was asked if I was a wayward Clinton apparatchik, when utilizing it in a story I wrote called Imperiumata, in which I attempted a string theory book like something out of Harlan Ellison, that when Bill had made the point that he was now involved in his own Catiline assault on the capital, literally, he didn't like them a bit, he was going to use a variation of Mad Policy, of mutual assured destruction. When the ashen faced Staffer asked if he was kidding, then bluffing, Bill with Roman assurance no Jew could ever dredge up amid the sarcasm,  and the vitriol, though the Romans too achieve that side of the Mediterranean in spades too, said to his knife man, Romans never Bluff. And though the Democrats who never liked Bill thought they were finally rid of him, he hunkered down and suddenly made the NOW hags become not only available to, but complaint in, the dispensations of any woman he told them to, as he more than any Irish pimp or blond on Fox news, knew the difference between Roman everything's.

ix.I still though hope that Newt gets out, as somehow going to Florida and talking up the space program was seen suddenly as madness, though I do believe the swath of bought rouge of Ronco in Florida never did make it up past Tampa, and had a small oasis of Newt support at--Cape Canaveral. Human actions have meaning, despite even the bribes at work. The right stuff. I do hope Newt gets out, as the Romantic has always been a anathema to the red necks and the six toe crowd, the barbarians still; even, in the age and now building Bauhaus gates of their own. Newt is weathering his time with this crowd, this republic is dead as is shown by GE theatre consistently calling him as being in a Circus, which to be fair, though you think they are so lovers of niggers and filth, the praetorians of now know what happens to an imperia, when the money runs dry, in Gods we trust, and all others pay cash. You see, in Sallust, in Cattiline's war, at the end , writing while looking back something that can not be done in a land of the on the fly Satire of a show called Daily, it turns out that Cicero, the essence of all that is political and thus ironically hated by keen and cool Niccolo, that while he spoke incessantly of a republic, as do the bought and the bribed, that as an Appenine senator from the dago farm belt, he amassed himself quite the haul by selling tainted old beef to the soldiers being sent to protect his way of life to all the ends of the earth.

x.And while nothings like Michael Savage now forget their pervious attaching's of diminution like "Man tan" to Ronco, the Mattel man, and blame Newt for somehow this plastic nothing having gone ballistic in the feast of Janus, still, that man for whom Favre  was destroyed, all about Eve Aaron Rodgers himself did something quite amazing, at least to my Roman attuned ears. He lost in the first week of the playoffs, with a fifteen and one team, as Favre and Newt have never squandered so much to easily, they never fell apart when you thought they would, and then, after blazoning the gods, who even the Gladiators pretend a sacrament to, and angered herself, fate, blamed his receivers and the curvature of the earth, a week off, the tempature, winds, or lack thereof, almost with less cie la vie presumption than a Romo, as he went to the Pro Bowl and was pissed these millionaire black folks who wish to be all pros more than play the damn game, didn't give him their all and try harder to allow him to win a meaningless game. Then, he went on NBC TV on super bowl night and told the free bread Multitudes, to watch the Giants, they are cheaters. They'll fall down,  and appeared to be hit the now unsuitable Romo with portfolio said, as Bob Costas' face turned whiter the usual. Such is who you are stuck with Cheese heads, as Newts and Bills and Favres for all their faults don't come along so often they can be so eagerly disposed of.

xi.See, I am no fan of Obama, as he now spins to the left as he hand jives to the right, and guess what, tear up your cheat sheets and crib notes we are calling another audible and in fact, there is nothing wrong with big money in politics at all, as soon as I can wet my brown nose into its currents. Still, I wouldn't make him fight Ronco even as a stooge and a set up, as again, have seen old yellowed books were men don't recall what the deal and the con is, and getting close to the purple want it more than they let on, though with Ronco that is hard to imagine. My mother, an astute Italian having seen Mussolini from the balcony at Regium, when he was there speaking and recalls how the great white Father in Washington at the time was assuring Italee of its reclaiming to glory, look it up in the Times, Roger, so, she, weary and knowing of this type, she saw Ronco pleading with the wall to become queen and said to his image, in Italian, "--Go home, before you wet yourself in public...", and then called him an Italian word for Pimp. He wants this all too bad to take a dive, as I warn again, and though I am no fan of Obama still, he did beat the Borgias to get here, I think he has done his duty with wayward Italian archetypes of seething power man lunatics. Newt as a lover of Rome, would lose as a man, as Bill did back there, as a Roman, while Romney would win like a woman. Sorry. Barrack had done his duty by fighting off Hillary after all, and all he got for it was this lousy Empire.

--And, that horrid little praetorian Jew fuck, our cable TV Petronius, within reason of course, shooting the wounded as his ilk has been taught to so do, lest not recall his Tony Bruno contemplates the bust of Emmett Smith American colored moments with Newt, Kids, he said it all, when he said and got his squeal like pigs, full throated, do they see me laughing, praetorian gales, huzzahs on command, that Newt will never be president. He, who has been pushily assaulting the golf clubs and links and Jockey clubs with his Paley bloodied siege engines, he would think of no worse diminishment as he has been pleading a life in the theater, dreaming of Lutheran booty. The Romantic, to say nothing of Sallust like anti heroes, is lost on him, why he appears on covers of books holding an eagle, like Superman himself, though a little more Jewish than either Jerry or Joe would have liked. And don't make the same mistake they did, pal. Sollust, eh...?, one could hear him say, yeah, huh, yeah, right, heh heh heh, Sooolust isn't he Christ's Praetorian secretary...?He and his minions are thankfully losing audience by the gust of self righteous wind to a show where people open up bowery lockers and scavenge for the broken dreams inside,-- now that's funny!--, so all he could think of now sorest thing to say about Newt, again missing the point. Caesar once said, "When deciding to go to war the first thing one must do is decide to go to war". There is a sanitized version said by Napoleon, student of the Julian, but not being a dull republican, like with Shakespeare, I like the line as said in the original Latin. So, Romney wants to be president so bad, Fuck your jew praetorian Savages and your collection of clerks Drudged Jews, make Romney Run for it. Go be a madman, go Ballistic in January, go, destroy Newt, bitch, Roman Up, so, Cicero and your clerks, destroy Newt, as he like Bill expects demands as much, bluffs are for Greeks and homos, and run for the job, for once, Run for your power, run for your sash, run for your vendetta,-- Run for your life.


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