10 September 2016


I have a Crime screenplay written here, which I hope perhaps is along the lines of something which your agency might be looking for, or could use. The screenplay is called BIG BERTHA AND THE MAFIA COPS. It concerns an Italian American police detective who has been made an inspector of a dilapidated, eroding, town, which is in the throws of a mob war. As he focuses on relieving his department of mafia cops in the employ of the dons of the town, and bringing and end to this fiasco of a mob campaign, a certain dirty cop and his friend go off the deep end, and send the inspector on a chase between him, a pretty Italianate waitress they grab as a hostage, and the mafia cops who by now are unraveling and have no where else to go.

above 'PYGMAILIA.' 1994

This is a log line as it is called, of sorts, which believe it or not, had professionally written from a larger query, for like fiddy bucks, as became increasingly devoted to the work about three years or so ago. I am on a site where I interact and am befriended by Industry processionals, and there answer ads for producers and the like looking for scripts. One, I mistaken answered had a pricier tag to it of about 40 bucks, as you have to love people in the ivory walls of New Larentium, or is it Sodom, Hollywood who have the time and ware withal to charge 40 bucks a log line read. If were an actual producer would be almost Mamet in my dogged devotion to finding the next big thing, as always even as a nudnick always have an eye out for the next brunette Kim Novak like Wendy, or the next Satire. As its always been the American dream to monetize just sitting around. I didn’t know that this was with a price, as when I thought I was just answering the ad a clock came up, and old me I had five minutes to email this producer who seemed to be needful of crime drams, and had one handy, and using a form of psychology that the girls can understand, making you think that the ivory neon door was closing, I weakly and dutifully went and grabbed by Visa card and spent 46 dollars no less, as some only changed 30 in our new Judea, but again fell for it as I am despite my admiration's by some, still a Italic sucker at heart.

Felt badly when the monthly statement came in that I had spent this much, didn’t even know how much these New American Dorey Sherry’s had cost me, as I was always told even as  fifteen year old when America still stood that when some con man asks you for money you are to stand on principal, and say no, as even websites to this very day speak of Prose and cons and such things, and warn of boiler Rooms that spread out nets for the worked and the wanting, but again, this query by mail and Skype thing has little painted movie poster boxes showing what the people supposedly have done. I sent in Big Bertha, a crime drama of the sorts I grew up with, the original Kojack, the Marcus nelson Murders, Robert Blake’s Beretta, Super Cops, early Michel Chimino, the filmographgy of Sydney Lumet and every movie that the great Ben Gazerrra was ever in, the collected films of John Cassavettes, the Dante who Plutarch Scorsese will die chasing as LeBro will Michael and Hilary her husband, as they aware in the morning light, sure no matter what they will never be that they chase. Why….? Because Dante meets Virgil and calls him his master openly, whether you fat chicks and English majors like it or not. I thought I was getting a chance to be read by someone in some state of power, but as the unerringly growing on me Buddha in their rip off a dying show made watch able now, Jason Whitlock, says, we are drowning in sanctimony and in gestures, strange coming from people with actual power, after all, but as Ovid said, in a republic every man is a king, as Percales did say, putting down the Romans and their innate hatred of prince’s and Kings, something even the Bush Family had not learned of yet, and each man he said, is a leading man in his own adventure and his own play. In an empire, Ovid said, delaminating and depriving the diffused differences between the good old republic and the new brash silly empire, forever, In that new Rome, he said we have been an empire of understudies all waiting for the star to break his leg. This may be I saw in a Roman reader no longer had where the expression break a leg comes from, but Roman actors were so excepted to play to the hilt, where we get the word slapstick, even the Yiddish Shtick, for those who would be bopped on the head with sticks to make a whistling sound, who knows. I thought I was getting read by someone who would actually, my bad, make a picture or send me a detailed, as was insinuated, ah again, that’s my fault for hearing, that they’d tell me what acutely I could do to make this actable or at least tolerable, to those who would allow me my fray back into those servants play or not, soon enough forwent and forborne as the boys of winter, the whiz kids of Hollywood soon enough went the route of just doing Republic serials on and on until they all got old.

I received this, of all things, showing that the boiler Room mentality has crept into the imperial water.

Report - Two Piano Films
reply draft. Youd think for over Thirty bucks the least you could have done was get my name right, you gonnif hacks. 

Tue 9/6, 7:39 PM
Hi! Here is your report from Chris Martens at Two Piano Films.
Title of Script:
Name of Writer:
Anthony Arci
Writer’s Email Address (listed on pitch)

1 (poor)
5 (best)
Pitch Delivery/Format

Clarity of Pitch  

Set Up of Protagonist(s) & World


Obstacles & Conflict

Clarity of Tone


Originality of Concept


Strength of Voice

Feedback : The set-up and story in the pitch was not clear and difficult to understand in the way it was written and presented. Feature films are very structure driven and it was difficult to imagine a 3-act story from the information that was presented in the pitch. The introduction section in the pitch also did not seem to serve much of a purpose and I was unsure of how it related to the story as something with potential to develop into a feature. On a technical end, if the writer wishes to turn this into a feature, then the best avenue is to simply write a feature script based on this. From a business standpoint, historical mafia crime films struggle to find financing and attachments without the support of an A-list filmmaker and actors since the budget is so large.  
Pass or Request?

Oh wait it’s a chase movie. This took place in a invented place of my own, Patavium New York, SO THIS WASN’T, despite their thinking this cost a lot, take place on Jupiter, or worse than that the perpetual  dark ages that Jewish In-laws dream of going back. These were called street movies when I was a kid, Shit, at least I got a three and a half out of five at Zoetrope, and they hated me there, as again, glad you are strip mining the wrecked and the poor here in Obama land for pin money, as you’d think these Beaglemen would know that there is surely money to swim in in the sores of Hollywood, as nice to know you all sign up to grab a few twenties at a time from people despite enough to send in a idea. Ah, but they rascally these days of being in the wings, they have all the ideas they need, Rocky, Star Wars, TV SHOWS, AS s wonderful we are, so much better we are than those who came before, here in Cicero’s perpetual adolescence, I could have for free posted a log line and had people tear it apart, again, this was professionally written for me from a larger query whittled down form a bigger spoon, as the heretics of pool besotted Hollywood look upon a new idea of any sort as if a stage heresy,  too blaspheming to their quickly pieced together gods of lust and vomit. Again as in Tacitus, someone at the orgy and that Vomitorium is speaking about how she has been saved by this new Jewish God who has always had a soft sport for Caesar and the rich somehow, deposited his ideas about camels and eyes of needles, which like so much, Glenda Beck just ignores when need be. A new Low was achieved when Jewish monsignors sneering at incompetent Hillary sledding down the hill again on a trail of Worm’s Flam, that she is heavier and heavier to carry, again no Aeneid here, as she hacks up a lung like someone in an anti smoking Truth commercial, as the dreaded Twentieth Century Foxezzz find their end in her as she bumbles into anchor Glengarry Glen Beck and The Jew York Times made amends and all was forgiven in the quickly, like rats on a ship, figuring out the curia isn’t what it used to be. Hard sell is our business and I do love how Glenna could think he was so much better than someone who has never taken a drink, Trump, as he is that worst of all things as the senator said of Augustine, a reformed everything, no fun at all, and amusingly sanctimonious for his one true achievement in life was never having been decent enough to kill himself or drink his way into a grave, and for that demands admiration. As in America , the true believer is that second rat off the ship, the Franciscans and their love of Rome meant I am forearmed, as in crappy shitty pony less  America every black second story man and every dried out edging Drunk is the emotional equitant to Aquinas, when after all, all our henna women , miss Pangaea shrieking about Trump on command , at least only hair straightener in her Turnus hair and not the henna used by black chicks with apostrophes in their African , ha, names, you’d think they’d know by now, that they are creating Trump as much as anything. But then why give things away for free when producers have figured the Boss arts of what sued to be called gonnifs and predators now called the creative team at Paramount. 

 Amazonia, public domain comix.

I thought of answering this creep back, as was told I’d get a detailed summery of what my strengths and weaknesses in this pitch were, but again that was my own fault for listening. But they have been nice to me here at this Hollywood site, unlike some, although I have an inkling that Roman Tony isn’t the pariah he sued to be once you placed on your plebeian, again ha, shoulders the wife of the rapists Doge of Venice yes its all true and Orson said, so there’s only so far this comedy can go without falling apart. But I lived the piece of advice to make a movie based on that pitch myself, again I am angry that I was that big a sucker, but the clock makes one think they are a thief on a Sicilian road and have to race in the dark.  


Arms and the woman. 

But undaunted I continue to put this hither and yon unwilling this time to apathetically slouch to get out of it, just attempting it be made as I do place my art on any wall owned by anyone, one step above graffiti, is that it is funny to me that the Hillary contagion again seemed to unraveling, a black death in its last stages of Boccachio's gracious ladies telling stories of humor and love and Roman Goddesses of war soon enough to honestly be in Italae loving Geoffrey’s Knights tale, as  the dead and dying and sickly  off camera,  which is genius there and merely a study night on CNN now. And saw her campaign, as a insult to that Roman word, unreel and bumble and stumble, on cue as the pitfalls and the sawed holes with rugs atop them made our Bill laugh as Plautus has entered the room, bells dinging and nuance blazing as a saddle, and cough itself up on the very day that Sundance Kid didn’t seem that distracted by liberal overt decency  to show a new Sopranos, called an Italian Wire, now guess what showman had their play demeaned in just that way, again showing the direction were heading, and it was called Parody too, when in the midst of 911 rah rah hurrahs, I was wondering if those chicken Hawks now with spittle combed hair voting for war loving Hillatata, and Jews in laws knew what the Tuscan box of war was. As again, it as Jewvanal Jonney and Rachel and Cover Girl Turnus head Melissa and William F and others who liked or emailed me as one can imagine how awful a world it is with hacks and Jewry pimps like Caphius with the lead eyes or Steelley Dan in the wheelchair are like, as what pompous believed and now all is forgiven Glenda don’t know, as we whistle past the Armamentarium,  that colostomy bag called Hillary is going to break, probably using Julius Caesar is a guide, as far from old man Mac Kane as it always has been. I keep sending this out, with Zoetrope maybe a high point of my italic arts, as like America have grown weary of the hard sell, always the Jefferson despised Jesuits warned me an inherent danger to the pitchman, but too, found it telling how SUNDANCE between law and order marathons, such a great Indy film, was so eagerly willing to trash the poor put upon Romans again, didn’t you read Cicero…?, as again the rats of imperia show who they are by using Dark as their worst pejorative for Trump, telling us what they are without having to, what they are and what is heard by many when the confederacy called the republics speaks through its whoremonger Polecat Canadian clubber of new York Values, when value is after all the last thing that they’d offer. Dark as a pejorative making us all think we are back in HS, with good little comic hack droopy jewey Judd enraptured with some blond who isn’t cheap enough to not bring home to Nana. As again all hands on deck was shown to me by a house company man as my father called your type, Kermit the wop, who having a series of heart attacks, no less, took less time than offered to maternity leave, and picked up were he left off, smiling for the camera and sucking dick on command, as we are an imperia saddest without the Virgil on board,  and worse than that we may be a duchy without an Innominato, as the second thought is unallwoed I guess in American dreams, I was taken aback seeing his still fat face scramble back with as diligence usually only seen in Clintons and rats, perpetually looking for cheddar and holes, did he wonder if seeing the face of the music of the spheres did he even take a moment to think maybe his was as Dante said, a life lived that feared and shunned it own importance. 

UPDATE. 'VIRGIL' 2002. Placed. Received an email from the Hollywood site.I had not completed a submission to a producer who I didn’t even know I had queried. Ah but  such is America now, a land of understudies, how bout that Janeane Garofolo kid coming in from the chorus like that and leading the hated team, as poor Dak will find out from the house coons, that black quarterbacks to fat black chicks and yo yo yo  dawgs at espn,  like Italians genius, whatever it is, it isn’t enough. Still was telling to see Tony Romo, Tom Brady and Hilly all off the field at the same time. Goodnight Keith Olbermannn, wherever you are....etc...


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